Privacy Policy

It’s not fun writing stuff like this, but in order to be compliant, it does need to be said.

Your Data.

What about it, how is it used, etc.

Your purchase and account data is stored on our server, I have a pretty secure password so it can’t be hacked. This only includes names and shipping addresses. Payment details aren’t stored here, that would be down to either Stripe or PayPal or whoever you have used when purchasing from INGRAINED Creative Media. We don’t sell data to anyone, it’s too much effort and a dick move to sell stuff like that on. We might send out an email once a quarter with new products/ offers and things of interest unless you opt-out, in which case cool.

You are welcome to ask what data we store on you in compliance with GDPR and the data protection act. We can also remove it upon request.

Full GDPR Statement